Small Business Loans With Elite Capital Solutions

Do you and your business need an excellent source of financing?  Capital Finance Partner specializes in long term financing for a variety of enterprises. The Preferred SBA Lenders deemed us a Preferred Financial Services Company, which means we can get you the small business loan you want with an efficient and quick turn around. To do this, we assign approval duties to our lenders.

Types of Loans

There are four main categories for a small business loan:

  • Commercial and/or Industrial Real Estate: Business owners typically use these for purchasing, building, renovating and refinancing.
  • Business Acquisition: For this option, we offer 2-day pre-qualification and up to 80% financing.
  • Equipment: This loan generally covers any equipment necessary for daily operations.
  • Up to $5 million Loans: We do not enforce pre-payment penalties and we use highly competitive terms and rates.

To figure out what is best for you, consider what your business needs most and how you plan on spending any approved funds.

Our 7(a) Loan Program

Almost all for-profit enterprises can qualify for our 7(a) Loan Program. Usually, eligible businesses have:

  • $6 million or less in annual sales for retail establishments
  • 500 employees or less for manufacturing firms
  • 100 employees or less for service companies

The terms of the loan vary depending on the designated use, but amounts can be between $200,000 and $5 million.

Our 504 Loan Program

To qualify for the 504 program, owners must partially occupy their personal real estate. However, outside of this stipulation, for-profit enterprises are typically eligible for this loan. You can use this loan as a first or second mortgage. Each option has different terms, but terms can reach up to 25 years.

Learn More About Our Loan Options

If you have a for-profit enterprise, you can probably qualify for an SBA loan. Whether you want to expand your business or update your facilities, If you want to learn more about your options, give us a call and one of our representatives will be happy to help you!