When your equipment is the lifeblood of your business, you have to continually upgrade and stay up-to-date with today’s technology. Instead of becoming obsolete, maintain your competitive edge by finding the equipment financing options that work for your situation. Whether you’re a startup, have less-than-perfect credit, or are a government or municipal entity, Capital Finance Partner, Inc. has solutions to help you move forward in today’s market.

Leasing Options

Equipment leasing is a fast growing way of obtaining the equipment that keeps your business going. It typically covers 100 percent of the cost of the equipment, instead of needing a large down payment. When you lease, it doesn’t impact your bank credit and you preserve your borrowing power for other opportunities. Leasing doesn’t tie up your working capital, letting you use your cash flow for operating purposes, such as inventory and payroll.

With leasing, you aren’t subject to the skyrocketing interest rates. Instead of variable rates of credit, you have a fixed payment each month to better plan for the future. Depreciation isn’t as complicated, because lease payments are a pre-tax business expense. You may see tax savings that you won’t get when you pay cash for equipment.

Benefits of Equipment Leasing

  • Minimize demands on the cash flow of your business
  • Eliminates obsolete equipment
  • Keep bank credit lines open
  • Save money on taxes
  • Shelters you from the variable interest rates

With leasing, there’s little to no down payment. Approvals are done quickly, often in about 24 hours. You can find many different payment structures with up to 84 months to repay. We want to find the plan that helps your business grow. Our business has financed small to large businesses, both nationally and internationally.