Providing Small Business Loans To Entrepreneurs All Over the United States

Capital Finance Partner is dedicated to providing the best small business loans  all over the United States, so local entrepreneurs can get capital for everything from launching their businesses to getting equipment, buying real estate, acquisitions, and even business loans for construction projects. Today’s economic landscape presents a number of challenges for entrepreneurs anywhere, especially when trying to secure financing through traditional lending channels, such as bank loans. These traditional sources have high entry bars – like requiring businesses to have impeccable credit and a long financial history – before qualifying for a loan application. Capital Finance Partner understand that local businesses are the backbone of the economy, and as such we provide accessible and affordable small business loans to all of our customers and partners.

SBA Loans For Businesses All Over the United States

Capital Finance Partner is proud to hold the title of “Preferred Financial Services” company, by SBA lenders. This designation allows us to fast track SBA loans for local businesses in order to get funds to entrepreneurs as quickly as possible, with low, competitive terms and rates.

SBA 7(a) Loan Program

Almost all for-profit businesses can qualify for our 7(a) loans program. Requirement for access to this type of financing includes:

  • 500 employees or fewer for service companies
  • 500 employees or fewer for manufacturers
  • $6 million and under in annual sales for retail businesses

SBA 504 Loan Programs

In order for San Luis Obispo entrepreneurs to qualify for our SBA 504 loans, business owners must occupy their personal real estate. Apart from this one stipulation, for-profit businesses are eligible for this type of financing. SBA 504 loans can be used as a first or second mortgage, or for acquiring, building, or renovating commercial real estate.

Equipment Financing For Businesses All Over the United States

Capital Finance Partner provides the best equipment financing for businesses of all sizes, as well as school, municipal departments and government agencies all over the United States. Our equipment financing solutions feature the following:

  • 24 hour approval on applications up to $150,000 with no financial statements required
  • 3 to 5 day approvals on middle market equipment applications up to $500,000
  • Large ticket applications for equipment over $500,000 can also get approval in 3 to 5 business days

We offer special financing programs for startups with an operating history totaling two years or less.  Capital Finance Partner also works with companies holding B, C, and D credit ratings, so they can get the equipment they need, regardless of low, challenged, or damaged credit.

Conventional Small Business Loans

We also provide small business loans up to $5 million dollars to businesses all over the United States. These loans offer up to 90% financing, with highly competitive rates and no prepayment penalties so entrepreneurs can get the funding they need for growth and success.

Learn More About Our Small Business Loan Options

If you have a for-profit enterprise anywhere in United States you can qualify for an SBA loan. Whether you want to update your facilities or grow your business,  Capital Finance Partner can provide the necessary funding.